Exemptions & Tax Relief

Senior Citizens / Disabled Persons Tax Relief Prog

The page provides information on the Senior Citizen & Disabled Persons tax relief program. The exemption program reduces the amount of property taxes. This reduction in taxes is a "gift" and does not have to be repaid.

Sr Citizens / Disabled Persons Tax Deferral Prog    

This page provides information on the Senior Citizens & Disabled Persons deferral program. The deferral program allows you to postpone the payment of your property taxes. The State of Washington places a lien on your property until the deferral amount and interest is repaid. 

Property Tax Deferral for Homeowners with Limited Income

This page provides information on the tax deferral program for homeowners with limited income. The deferral program is a postponement of taxes. 

Destroyed Property

If you had property destroyed, in whole or in part, you may qualify for a reduction in assessment of your property. 

Residential Remodels    

When you decide to make home improvements through remodeling and additions, there is a three-year property exemption program available. 

Nonprofit Organizations

This page provides information for nonprofits organizations to receive an exemption on property taxes.