Accounting Division

The San Juan County Auditor's Office financial services division performs eight distinct financial functions.

Financial Reporting
The Auditor is responsible for financial reporting for the County. The financial services team, primarily the Chief Accountant, prepares the required annual report for the County and serves as liaison for the annual state audit. The Auditor also reports quarterly to the voters on the financial status of the County.

The Auditor’s Office works closely with the County Administrator, Council, and department heads to compile the annual county budget. We also monitor expenditures for budget compliance, as noted below.

Accounts Payable
The financial services team audits all bills and other claims submitted by county departments for legal and budget compliance, and is responsible for timely payment of accounts payable.

The Auditor’s Office prepares payroll for County employees, manages payroll liabilities, and ensures compliance with all Federal and State regulations regarding payroll.

Fixed Assets
The Auditor’s Office works with all County departments to track fixed assets of the County. This responsibility includes sending out annual inventory updates to departments and conducting periodic audits of those inventories.

Grant Accounting & Reporting
Auditor’s Office financial staff works with County departments and pass-through agencies to ensure compliance with Federal and State guidelines. We assist departments with grant reimbursement requests and reconcile grant expenditures and revenues. We also prepare the annual Schedule of Expenditure of Federal Awards, which is required by Federal and State agencies.

The Auditor’s Office manages central purchasing of office supplies for all County departments except Public Works. Centralization ensures compliance with purchasing laws and regulations and ensures that the County gets the best possible prices.

Junior Taxing District Accounting
Auditor’s Office financial staff assists junior taxing districts with their budget process, and performs accounting, payroll and budget reporting for most of the junior taxing districts in the county.