Vacation Rental Compliance & Enforcement

The 2023 Certificates of Compliance are now available online. 

2023 Certificate of Compliance online instructions

San Juan County has a vacation rental compliance program. All holders of vacation rental permits are required to annually submit a certificate of compliance to the Department of Community Development. Failure to submit a certificate annually will result in fines and penalties including revocation of the permit. 

The fee for a certificate of compliance is $145 if submitted online through the permit portal and paid by credit card, or $160 if submitted on paper, or paid by cash or check. This fee was adopted by Resolution 34-2020.

The Department of Community Development is currently in the process of notifying non-compliant permit holders of their requirements. If you have received a letter indicating that you are not in compliance, follow the instructions in the letter. Depending on how many years have been missed, you will either 1) be required to submit one or two overdue certificates; or 2) abandon your permit.

Send compliance paperwork email to Yancey Bagby.  Questions - contact Yancey Bagby at Yancey Bagby

2023 Certificate of Compliance Forms

The fee for filing the certificate of compliance is $160 for filing a paper form and $145 to file online at the SJC Permit Center. If filing a paper form, mail with check for $160 made out to SJC DCD to the following address:

SJC DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT                                                          
PO Box 947 

Friday Harbor, WA 98250

2023 Certificate of compliance paper form

If you do not wish to keep your permit you can abandon it at any time. Fill out, sign, and return the form below.

Declaration of Abandonment of Vacation Rental Permit

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