Real Estate Transactions


In 2001, people from throughout the community contacted the leaders at Lafarge North America and asked them to donate to the public the gravel pit property on San Juan Island.

The transaction began with the promise that the County would acquire the property at a bargain price, but first, LaFarge would be responsible for restoration of the site as required by state law.

San Juan Islands Former Gravel Pit
Now, the people of San Juan County now have a 55-acre park property which will be governed by the San Juan Island Park and Recreation District. The San Juan County Public Works department acquired a beach access point which has historically been used as the site for the arrival and departure of barges. Although this was one of the more complicated and long lasting transactions, the lawyers in the prosecutors office provided the continuity and continued advice to the County leaders. Restoration has now been completed The planning is underway to determine how the property may be best used by the public.

Shown at above right is the gravel pit property in 2003 - click on the photo for a much larger version of the same picture.