Detached Accessory Dwelling Units

This page provides access to documents and reports concerning accessory dwelling units in San Juan County. The information is arranged according to the forum for which the documents have been prepared, and then chronologically, with the most recent documents on top.

The documents have been prepared for six forums:
  • Ballot Measures
  • Court of Appeals
  • Miscellaneous (Including documents by the Commissioners and people of San Juan County)
  • Settlement Discussions with the Friends of the San Juans
  • Washington Legislature
  • Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board
Unless otherwise indicated, this page only contains materials prepared by the San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney. Unfortunately, we cannot easily add the exhibits to documents. If you would like a copy of the complete document, with exhibits, please call our office.

Ballot Measures

The San Juan County Planning Department has a section on accessory dwelling units. The Planning website includes the complete text of the 2002 Ordinance pertaining to accessory dwelling units and the exhaustive study of accessory dwelling units prepared in 2002.

A comprehensive study of accessory dwelling issues in Washington State was prepared in 1995 by the Municipal Research Services Center.