The San Juan County Sheriff's Office maintains a temporary facility in Friday Harbor. 

All persons taken into custody are held in the Friday Harbor holding facility. In-custody individuals who are awaiting trial or serving a sentence are sent to the South Correctional Facility (SCORE) in Des Moines Washington.  

Visiting in-custody individuals in Friday Harbor is limited to family members only, and only as staffing permits. If you wish to contact or visit someone currently being held at SCORE, please visit the SCORE website

The Sheriff's Office operates and manages the eletronic home detention (EHM) program for post-sentenced convictions only. EHM allows those who are sentenced to less than 365 days in jail to apply for EHM. Those who qualify are allowed to serve their sentence out at home which allows those who have meaningful employment not have to lose their job. The justice-involved person applies for the program by filling out a questionnaire. They are then scored and if they pass are allowed to participate in the EHM program. The program operates 7 days a week and is supervised by corrections officers.