Food Safety Program


Our staff responsibilities include:

  • Advise and inspect Temporary Food Establishment events, which include the County Fair and Farmer’s Markets. Contact our department for current fees.
  • Conducting Food safety inspections in Food Establishments. The Washington State Retail Food Code contains the rules that form the basis of these inspections. This document is a compilation of Chapter 246-215 Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and Modification of 2009 FDA Food Code. It went into effect in May of 2013.
  • Reviewing plans for new food establishments and food establishment renovations. Contact our department with questions about the permit application, or to inquire about current fees.

Foodworker Cards

  • Food Worker Card Education and Testing. All food workers working in food establishments need food safety knowledge, and need to have a current Food Worker Card. Food Worker Card testing is now completed online at Washington State Food Worker Course.

To read our food safety newsletter, or any previous issue, please click this link

Food Safety Recalls From (FDA)