Derelict Vessel Program

Derelict Vessels can be a hazard to other boaters and impact our marine environment. With help from citizen calls, the County actively monitors suspected derelict vessel conditions in an effort to avoid abandonment or sinking (prevention). If a boat is abandoned or in distress, the County works with owners, insurance and local marine facilities to have the vessel removed. 

If you see an unoccupied vessel in distress, or found a vessel that appears to be derelict or abandoned, please report it.

San Juan County Derelict Vessel Program works closely with other local authorities and the State Department of Natural Resources to address problem vessels. The process is outlined here.

A derelict, abandoned sail boat cast up on a beach

The derelict vessel removal program is funded by a combination of the state (up to 90% of costs) and an interlocal agreement between the Port of Friday Harbor, the Town of Friday Harbor and the County (10%).  The derelict vessel prevention program, designed to address vessels before they become a costly derelict, is 100% funded by community donations and grants. 

If you would like to help us keep the waters of the San Juans free of pollution and sunken vessel hazards, consider making a donation today.  

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Helm of a derelict sail boat
derelict boat on a beach
Derelict sail boat with notice attached