Lopez Village Subarea Plan


San Juan County Council adopted a Lopez Village Subarea Plan and development regulations and standards plans 
for Lopez Village 
on Monday, October 14, 2019.

These are found in Ordinance 11-2019 posted below. The new plan and development regulations become effective October 28, 2019.

Historic Documents

 October 14th Public Hearing Presentation:

LVSP Public Hearing SJCC 10-14-2019

A staff memo includes the Council’s recommended ordinance changes to date. It may be reviewed at:

Memo to from Staff SJCC 3-14-2019

Draft Ordinance sent to Council 10-14-2019

Memo to SJCC from Staff 10-09-2019

Previous documents:

Memo to SJCC from Staff 09-06-2019

The memo includes the following attachments:

A.  Ordinance including proposed development regulations and Exhibits:

     Ordinance Exhibits:

     A: SJC Comprehensive Plan, Section B, Element 2, Land Use             Element

     B: San Juan County Comprehensive Plan Official Map sheet for           Lopez Island

     C: Lopez Village Subarea Plan

     D: Standard Plans for Lopez Village Urban Growth Area

     E: Lopez Village Subarea Plan Implementation Plan

B.   Public hearing notices

Each exhibit is bookmarked in the pdf.

Public comments must be sent to Lopez Village Subarea Plan Comments

                                 July Documents:


July 8 Public Hearing Notice

Please review the public hearing notice that identifies how to comment and possible changes to the draft plan, development regulations, standard plans and implementation plan prior to reviewing the draft documents. 

Memo Attachment A:
April 16, 2019 Public Hearing Notice & list of possible changes

 March 26, 2019 Transmittal Memo for Lopez Village Plan

Memo Attachment B: Draft Lopez Village Plan Ordinance with  Regulations

Lopez Village Ordinance Exhibits:

Exhibit A: SJC Comprehensive Plan Land Use Element
Exhibit B: SJC Official Map Lopez Island Map sheet
Exhibit C: Lopez Village Plan
Exhibit D: Standard Plans
Exhibit E: Lopez Village Implementation Plan
Memo Attachment C: Eastsound Meeting Minutes

Public Comments
















   Older Materials

February 11, 2019 Council Workshop Presentation

After a joint Council and Planning Commission public hearing held September 21, 2018, the Planning Commission recommended changes in October to the draft Lopez Village Plan, development regulations, standard plans and implementation plan.  Please see the staff report and their recommended changes to the plan documents:

November 7, 2018 Staff Report with Planning Commission Recommendation

PowerPoint Presentation: Planning Commission Recommendation

September 21 Public Hearing Notice
Revised SEPA DNS - Comment Period Extended to September 19


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