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Posted on: March 13, 2023

Council Meeting Review: March 13, 2023

Council meeting review

This meeting included information about the safety committee, the Argyle lot development, cultural competency training, and more.

This document is a review of the County Council meeting, Monday, March 13, 2023. Information related to agenda changes, Consent Agenda, and Public Comment are on the County website. For additional information about what was discussed, please refer to the recording.  

Discussion: Safety Committee proposal 2nd touch, Angie Baird-Director of HR & Risk Management, Human Resource

This was the second touch for the Safety Committee Ordinance. San Juan County is required to have a safety committee and operate in accordance with WAC 296-800-10320. The ordinance was previously discussed on February 28, 2023. Council requested additional information related to instructions to the committee members. 

The HR director outlined the general guidelines, the roles and responsibilities, and meeting protocols of the Safety Committee. 

A public hearing for the Safety Committee Ordinance is set for March 21, 2023.

Discussion: Argyle Lots RFQ follow up, Mark Tompkins-HCS Director & Deputy County Manager, Health & Community Services, and Mike Thomas-County Manager

At the March 7, 2023 County Council meeting, the Council heard a presentation from staff regarding the Argyle Lot RFQ and its process, the staff and Housing Advisory Committee Recommendation for that RFQ, and the next steps. At the meeting the Council requested a follow-up discussion meeting on Monday March 13, 2023 to continue their deliberations. 

As part of this process, Council requested that staff formulate a set of questions to be posed to the RFQ respondents under consideration in an effort to provide more information and clarity to the Council for their deliberations. Staff developed a list of questions, including: 

1. Please provide a financial pro forma detailing project funding including funding sources, funding types, commitments or guarantees. What percentage of total funding is already secured?

2. Please provide documentation of the financial and project history for the principal individuals or organizations involved in your response demonstrating your track record developing affordable housing projects. 

3. What is the total estimated construction cost (assume turnkey)?

4. Do you anticipate requesting public funds from the County? If so, from which funding sources? 

5. Assuming a lease deal with the county is executed by July 1, 2023, on what date do you anticipated being able to begin (“turn dirt”) construction. How long do you anticipate the construction phase to be?

6. The Town of Friday Harbor’s Historic Guidelines are applicable to the site.  Detail how your project complies with the applicable historic guidelines.

Discussion:  Legislative Bills Updates-Council

Councilmember Fuller: 

  • HB 1244 – Bill was unsuccessful regarding levy lid relief for schools
  • HB 1436 – Bill regarding special education is moving forward to the senate 
  • HB 1831 – Bill regarding Washington State Ferries 

Councilmember Minney: 

  • HB 1267 – extension of .09 sales tax update 
  • HB 1950 –Behavioral Health Network Adequacy 
  • SSB 5358 – Veterans Service grants bill 
  • HB 1492 – Blake expansion bill is no longer in progress
  • HB 1131 – The solid waste bill for the extended producer responsibility is no longer in progress 
  • SB 5371 – a bill proposing to extend the distance of vessels to killer whales up to 1,000 yards  

Council voted to approve sending a letter of support to the State Legislature for ESB 5371 as presented by staff.  

Discussion: Cultural Competency Training Proposal, Kendra Smith-Environmental Stewardship Director, Environmental Stewardship

Staff discussed steps to educate County employees via ‘Cultural Competency Tribal Training’ in an effort to establish and nurture strong relationships with the tribes. The suggestions set forth include training opportunities and reviews of previous cultural resource trainings, determining point staff in the County, and drafting consultation policies and procedures. 



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