Christine Minney

County Council
Title: District 1
Phone: 360-370-7478

Christine MinneyTerm

January 2021 - December 2024


Christine was born in Idaho 6 weeks before her family moved to Washington-which she loves and where she has remained. 

She is proud of her life as an intrepid traveler of the Salish Sea on almost all the Washington State ferry routes since she was very young.

Christine was raised in the Kingston/Poulsbo area and graduated from North Kitsap High School in 1993. 

In the spring of 1996, Christine arrived on San Juan Island for a short visit. 

It was not much longer than a few days before the desire to stay was paramount and the momentum to become a part of the island community had begun. 

Christine created space to raise two boys that had the great privilege of growing up on an island and who, as adults, also call San Juan Island home.

Christine has been an involved resident from volunteering in the public schools to serving on the boards of different local nonprofit organizations to rallying and fundraising on behalf of locals in need. 

One of the great opportunities she had as a young resident was being a vendor/producer for the San Juan Island Farmers Market where she developed a love of local agriculture & food plus a reverence for the people behind the curtain doing the hard work to feed the community in more ways than one. 

Most recently, Christine, with her husband served lunch to many locals in their decade of owning and operating Ernie’s Café which sat beside the taxiway at the Friday Harbor Airport.

Christine is most grateful for finding success in a life well lived on an island where raising a family, creating a business, and owning a home can be a difficult challenge.

Christine built her own home in Friday Harbor in 2008 through the local sweat equity program Homes For Islanders where she still lives today with her husband, one of two sons, and Max and Ruby-the Yorkies.


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