About Us

Your Outdoor Connection

Parks and open spaces mean so many things to different people. What do they mean to you? 

The San Juan County Parks, Recreation, and Fair Department has 20 various park properties including the County Fairgrounds. As land steward in the county, our parks, trails and open spaces contribute to the clean water, clean air, healthy forests and the great beaches our residents and visitors enjoy. 

We’re working behind the scenes making sure your favorite neighborhood park, wooded trail, sandy shoreline, community class, and favorite sites are clean, safe and open and accessible to everyone. And we’re in it for the long haul. We find ways to innovatively steward and preserve your public lands and resources to keep the wellbeing and positive community-building of parks open to you and future generations. Because your parks story matters to us. The next generation’s parks story matters to us. Now get out there and live it. 

Our Vision

A sustainable, innovative, and accessible parks system that creates strong, connected communities through the experience and stewardship of parks and the natural and cultural environment of San Juan County.

Our Programs & Amenities 

  • 400+ acres of parks, trails and open space 
  • Camping: Tent sites, RV sites, Group Camping
  • Annual San Juan County Fair 
  • Facility rentals for events, weddings and meetings 
  • Volunteer opportunities 
  • Community events: Summer Music Series at the Fairgrounds, Tour De Lopez, Great Island Garage Sale, and more!