Senior Services

Senior Services Programs

Senior Services Programs are offered under contract with Northwest Regional Council through the San Juan County Health & Community Services Department. We collaborate with the local independent non-profit senior centers, the Meals on Wheels and More program, and other community service providers to facilitate senior services in the community.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to assist seniors in remaining independent and in their own homes for as long as possible. We focus on providing services and resources intended to

  • Enhance the experience of becoming a senior
  • Facilitate social interaction and participation in community activities
  • Promote overall health and well-being
  • Help sustain independence

Community Services

The goal of community-based supportive programs is to help seniors and adults with disabilities live in their homes and communities for as long as possible, postponing or eliminating the need for residential or institutional care. The services we provide include

  • Information, assistance and referral to programs and services, including publishing monthly island-specific newsletters (to receive the monthly newsletter, please contact a Senior Services Specialist listed on the right)
  • Meals on Wheels and More program coordination to help facilitate onsite community lunches at the senior centers and delivery of meals to eligible homebound seniors and their unpaid caregivers (for more information about the program and eligibility please contact a Senior Services Specialist listed on the right)
  • Individual case coordination including determining eligibility for services through the Medicaid Transformation Project and other state programs
  • Family Caregiver Support Program which includes providing information to unpaid family and friend caregivers, optional monthly support group meetings, and facilitating respite care and other services
  • Transportation Referrals
  • Evidence-based training programs
  • Distribution of resource materials on a variety of senior services topics such as dementia, legal and advanced care planning, and hiring in-home workers

Volunteers are needed to help with some programs and services; please contact a Senior Services Specialist listed on the right if you are interested in finding out more about volunteer opportunities.

Senior Centers

Lopez, Orcas, and San Juan Island each have their own independent, non-profit senior centers which serve as information and activity centers for those over age 60 and disabled adults. The senior centers facilitate the Meals on Wheels and More program by providing kitchen facilities and hosting the onsite community lunches. The non-profit senior centers also provide a wide range of social, educational and health and wellness programs and activities, providing seniors and persons with disabilities to remain active and engaged. 

County Senior Services staff are embedded in the three following Senior Centers, which are operated by three independent non-profit organizations:

  • Woodmen Hall
  • Orcas Senior Center
  • Mullis Community Senior Center

To view the senior centers on each island please click here.

Last edited: September 19, 2023.