SMP Appeals and Growth Board Decisions

The County's updated Shoreline Master Program (SMP)  became effective on October 30th, 2017. Friends of the San Juan's appealed the SMP to the Washington Growth Management Hearings Board.   


Staff Documents

Staff report and Planning Commission recommended SMP ordinance for October 8, 2018, County Council Public Hearing


Staff Report for Planning Commission and County Council September 21, 2018, at the Lopez Center for Community and the Arts

2018-09-07_DCD_Staff_Report_PC_CC_09-21_All Attach_Except_E


Draft ordinance and staff report for a public hearing on August 17, 2018



Staff report on Growth Management Hearings Board (GMHB) decision:


Staff Presentation for Joint Planning Commission and County Council meeting on July 20, 2018


Petitions, Briefs, and the Final Decision and Order

The petition for review filed by The Friends of San Juans in December 2017 is available at Friends-Pet-Review

The brief detailing the Friends' concerns is available at Friends-Prehearing-brief

The County's responsive brief is available here: Brief-of-SJC-

The Growth Management Hearings Board, Western Region, Final Decision and Order on Case No. 17-2-0009 is available here: 2018-06-16_GMHB_SMP_Compliance_order

Of the nine issues identified by the Friends of the San Juans, the Growth Management Hearings Board, dismissed six and directed the County to develop provisions to ensure that: 

  •  Mitigation efforts take place within the same watershed as a project's anticipated impacts; 

  • Standards applicable to soft shoreline stabilization measures do not contain hard stabilization elements; and

  • The County has a mechanism for documenting all project review actions within the shoreline and a process for periodically evaluating the cumulative impact of permitted shoreline development.


Public Comments

Next Steps