Shoreline Cumulative Effects Evaluation

The Shoreline Cumulative Effects Evaluation (CEE) assists San Juan County in understanding the effect of shoreline development on the shoreline environment. The purpose of the CEE is to ensure that the County's shoreline development regulations meet the standard of no net loss of ecological function in the shoreline required by the Shoreline Management Act (SMA). 

The CEE includes analysis of available shoreline data and permit records, case studies and site visits, and public participation to identify possible strategies to improve shoreline permitting processes, development regulations, and programs. 

San Juan County is working with Herrera Environmental Consultants to conduct the first iteration of this ongoing study in 2022-2023. The project is funded by  a Shoreline Master Program grant from the Department of Ecology. The County is required to conduct a CEE every four years (SJCC 18.50.020(E)(3)).

Questions? Please contact Sophia Cassam, Planner III, at or (360) 370-7589