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Tag / Letter Received From Us

If you received either a letter in the mail, or your boat was tagged by us, don't panic! This simply means we have a concern for the safety of your vessel as well as the surrounding environment. We simply want to open a line of communication with you and help bring your vessel up to code. If you find you are unable to take care of your vessel on your own, we may be able to help.

Whatever the case is, please call the Derelict Vessel Program at 360 370 0555 and we can get it resolved.

Common Reasons for Vessels to Be Tagged

We have found that a good warning sign that a vessel is on the way to becoming derelict or abandoned is that RCW/WAC violations start to add up on the vessel in question. Because of this, we try to connect with the vessel owners and inform them of our concerns. Below is a list of the most common infractions that we come across followed by a brief summary of the code. You may click on the RCW/WAC in question for a direct link to the complete text of the law.
  • RCW 79.100.110 - A person who causes a vessel to become abandoned or derelict, sink, break up, or block a navigational channel upon aquatic lands is guilty of a misdemeanor.
  • RCW 79.105.430 - Vessels not to be used as a permanent residence, residential buoy not to be sold, no abandoned vessels at permitted buoy.
  • RCW 88.02.550 - Registration and display of registration number and decal required.
  • WAC 332-30-148 - No residential boats allowed on buoys.
  • WAC 332-30-171 - No residential use on state aquatic lands, sewage and gray water to be disposed of upland.
  • WAC 332-52-155 - May not moor more than 30 days in public aquatic lands without moving 5 miles away thereafter. May not moor more than 90 days in any 365 day period.
For a more complete list of the RCWs that pertain to derelict vessels in the state of Washington, visit the Washington State Legislature website.
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