Parenting Seminars


Updated June 4,2013

RCW 26.12.170

The following parenting classes / seminars have been approved to fulfill the requirement of Local Rules for Special Proceedings (SPR) 94.08.2(e). If a parenting seminar is not included on the list, then the court, upon proper motion, may allow other seminars to fulfill this requirement on a case-by-case basis. Any motion requesting approval of another seminar must include a copy of the curriculum for that seminar.
* Online Parenting Programs:
        A 4 hour co-parenting course offered in both English and Spanish.
        Also available at no cost for anyone who qualifies financially.
        Call: (866) 504-2883

* Children in Between: Children in Between
        Course offered in both English and Spanish.
        Call: (740) 594-2526 or toll free (877) 874-1365

* Positive Parenting through Divorce: Positive Parenting through Divorce
Course offered in English and Spanish.
(954) 252-9130 or toll free (866) 778-3349