Drug Court

San Juan County Superior Court launched its Adult Drug Court—a type of therapeutic court—in January of 2019.

  • Therapeutic Courts address issues contributing to criminal activity by taking a therapeutic rather than punitive approach.
  • Drug Court uses a multi-disciplinary “team” approach to managing participants’ cases, though the Judge maintains the ultimate decision as to when participants progress between phases, are sanctioned, graduate, or are dismissed from the program. The Drug Court Team is comprised of Judge Kathryn Loring, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Teresa Barnett, Public Defender Alex Frix, Case Manager Brad Fincher, Drug Court Coordinator Jane Severin, representatives from the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, and representatives from Compass Health.
  • Drug Court suspends the traditional criminal case while the individual engages in an intensive process for approximately two years, including frequent court hearings, evaluation and treatment for substance abuse and addiction, frequent testing for drugs and alcohol, living skills classes and facilitated goal setting, and support in engaging in continued education or obtaining sustained employment by graduation.
  • We celebrate participant successes large and small and hold participants accountable for program violations with individually tailored sanctions.
  • By focusing on the individual's needs, providing treatment, ensuring rapid and appropriate accountability, and providing tools and support in a variety of areas essential to long-term recovery, drug courts decrease recidivism, improve community safety, and strengthen the participant.
  • Ultimately, criminal charges are dismissed or reduced upon successful completion and graduation from Drug Court.
  • Therapeutic Courts can be funded through the 0.1% Mental Health Sales Tax, which San Juan County adopted in 2008.
Audience applauds Drug Court participant in Superior Courtroom

Mission Statement

The San Juan County Drug Court (SJCDC) is a program designed to reduce substance abuse and criminal recidivism, and increase rehabilitation and community safety through intense judicial intervention, supervision and support, and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, Frequent drug testing, SUD treatment, social service referrals, living skills classes and facilitated goal setting, requirements for education or employment, and sanctions and rewards are used to promote long-term sobriety, accountability, and stability.

Participant Handbook (.pdf file)

Program description, requirements, rules & responsibilities, and important forms for San Juan County Drug Court.

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