Family Law and UGA

San Juan County Superior Court maintains GAL registries under Title 26 (investigating the best interest of children in dissolutions, modifications, and paternity), Title 11.88 (making recommendations related to alleged incapacitated persons), and Title 11.130 Uniform Minor Guardianship (formerly non-parental or third-party custody cases; investigating allegations and making recommendations related to whether guardians other than parents should be appointed for children). For representation of children dependent on the State as a result of alleged abuse or neglect, please visit the Superior Court Services website,, and review the Guardian ad Litem link for the Volunteer Guardian ad Litem program.

In each type of case addressed above, the GAL performs an investigation and prepares a report based on the specific order and request of the Court, tailoring the investigation as appropriate to the individual case. GALs generally seek to make recommendations as to the best interest of the child or alleged incapacitated person involved in the particular case. GALs do not act as lawyers, therapists, or parties on the case, and therefore so not provide legal advice, counseling or diagnosis.

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Information for guardians ad litem in San Juan County and Washington State is available by clicking the links below.