4. How much is the new Civic Campus going to cost?

We will do a cost estimate based on the preferred alternative. Throughout the design process, the team will be cost-conscious, looking for ways to meet all of our needs while using space efficiently. This is an investment for the future. Once we are in a shared space with more up-to-date and energy-efficient systems, we anticipate
San Juan County Civic Campus Plan that we will spend less on the operations of a new facility than we do now on several separate facilities that require significant and continual maintenance.

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1. 1. Why do we need a Civic Campus?
2. 2. Which departments will be in the new Civic Campus?
3. 3. What will happen with the buildings that are currently occupied by those County departments?
4. 4. How much is the new Civic Campus going to cost?
5. 5. When will the new Civic Campus be built?
6. 6. Where will the new Civic Campus be located?
7. 7. What will this campus plan include and when will it be done?
8. 8. What can I weigh in on and how will my input be used?
9. 9. When will I have a chance to provide input?
10. 10. Why should I take the time to respond to the survey?
11. 11. Why isn’t the County doing more in-person events to collect input, like an open house?