7. What will this campus plan include and when will it be done?

The campus plan will detail how the designated County departments and functions will be incorporated into a new single campus on County-owned property in Friday Harbor. The plan will also detail the inclusion of community space to support public gathering and programming.

We will develop a few possible design concepts with site plans and three-dimensional illustrations to establish the desired site and building character and convey the development vision. We will share those visuals for community and County staff feedback. That will inform the development of a preferred alternative, which will be presented to the County Council.

The planning process began in late January 2018 and is expected to conclude in late summer 2018.

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1. 1. Why do we need a Civic Campus?
2. 2. Which departments will be in the new Civic Campus?
3. 3. What will happen with the buildings that are currently occupied by those County departments?
4. 4. How much is the new Civic Campus going to cost?
5. 5. When will the new Civic Campus be built?
6. 6. Where will the new Civic Campus be located?
7. 7. What will this campus plan include and when will it be done?
8. 8. What can I weigh in on and how will my input be used?
9. 9. When will I have a chance to provide input?
10. 10. Why should I take the time to respond to the survey?
11. 11. Why isn’t the County doing more in-person events to collect input, like an open house?