10. Why should I take the time to respond to the survey?

This is your opportunity to tell us your priorities when it comes to the new Civic Campus. The Civic Campus will be located in Friday Harbor but it needs to effectively serve the whole community across all of the San Juan Islands.

We want the design to reflect local priorities and preferences. We are issuing the survey very early in the process so that we can really listen and use your input to directly influence the very first design concepts. The County wants to provide the highest-priority amenities for the community.

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1. 1. Why do we need a Civic Campus?
2. 2. Which departments will be in the new Civic Campus?
3. 3. What will happen with the buildings that are currently occupied by those County departments?
4. 4. How much is the new Civic Campus going to cost?
5. 5. When will the new Civic Campus be built?
6. 6. Where will the new Civic Campus be located?
7. 7. What will this campus plan include and when will it be done?
8. 8. What can I weigh in on and how will my input be used?
9. 9. When will I have a chance to provide input?
10. 10. Why should I take the time to respond to the survey?
11. 11. Why isn’t the County doing more in-person events to collect input, like an open house?