How do I apply?

San Juan County has switched to a paperless system for, applying, issuing, and tracking permits. ALL permit applications are handled through the SmartGov permit portal.

Here are some handy links and instructions:


  1. Create a login on the portal and verify email/password
  2. Download application from our website, link below
  3. Fill out the application and save to your computer (Applications are undergoing changes, fillable forms will be available soon)
  4. Create a new *submittal on the portal (*permit application)
  5. Upload your documents to the portal (all items needed for your permit type are listed in the submittal area of your permit and vary by permit type).
  6. Pay any Plan review fees to start the review process (some permits don’t require a fee upfront)
  7. DCD staff will review the submittal shortly and update you if more information is needed.

 County Portal:


DCD webpage home:




Pre App assistance and info:


Buildings exempt from permits:




WSEC: new changes for 2018 you’ll need to be aware of!


Free IRC/IBC access to codes: - Free access




Here are the instructions for signing up on the public portal for your permit 


You only need to do this one time to connect your account with all of your permits. This will allow you to access your permit, pay fees online, and schedule inspections.  Detailed instructions below:


If you are SIGNING UP,

1)     GO TO: and click on “sign up” 

Portal sign up snippet

2)       Enter your e-mail address and a password:

3)       You will receive a verification link in your e-mail.

4)      Click on the “Verify” button to verify your e-mail address. 

5)      Return to the browser

6)      Log out and log back in again.  

Many functions are available on the portal:


APPLYING FOR PERMITS(No access code required, but if you already have one, please use it to avoid multiple accounts and inability to view all permits together. Each account has a unique portal access code, do not give yours out. Contact DCD@sanjuanco.comfor your code AFTER you have signed up.)

1)      Click on MY PORTAL to apply, view permits, or request inspections etc.

2)      Click on Apply Online

3)      Select Category: Building, Land Use, or Fire Marshal (Addressing falls under the category of Building) (ALL BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATIONS WILL FALL UNDER ‘BUILDING SUBMITTAL’, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY LISTED). You can choose “REVISION” if you are updating an existing active permit. Expired permits must be renewed, or re-applied for.

4)      Select Application: Select the type of application you are applying for.