How do I check the status of my permit?

SmartGov permit software shows the status of your permit on the portal.  Your permit will not be issued until all departments finish their review. The status of the permit can be seen in the 'APPROVAL STEPS' section.Login, check the permit from the list, and click on it. Scroll down to the steps, and you can see the status of each department.

It is highly recommended that you check the status of your permit here before calling or emailing staff. The time spent responding to your inquiry is better spent actually reviewing the work. Thank you for your understanding.

approval steps example portal

It will also show you the status of the submittal items, the date of approval and whether the item is required or not.

  1. Click on the “Upload” button
  2. Navigate to your file and upload, you can upload more than 1 document for each submittal type.
  3. DEFERRED files: you can upload if you have it, but it’s not required to move permit forward in review at this time. (for example, not all buildings need engineering, but if you have it, then upload it.
  4. REQUIRED: in order to move your permit through the process, ALL REQUIRED SUBMITTALS NEED TO BE UPLOADED.
  5. Versions: the initial uploaded document is version 1. Any subsequent revised ones, are version 2,3,4 etc. Some items get rejected and we’ll ask you to upload a second version.
  6. Status: In review: we are looking at this still. Pending: Nothing uploaded yet. Deficient: Not approved, needs changes. Approved. You are good to go!

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