How do I request a record?

All requests to inspect or obtain administrative public records must be submitted in writing. Using the Request for Administrative Records Form is not mandatory, but use of the form may make it easier to understand your request. Please send the completed form to the Public Records Officer for Superior Court (Superior Court PRO). You must provide your legal name, your physical and mailing address when you submit the request. If you need assistance to access administrative records because of a disability, please contact the Superior Court PRO where the administrative records are located.

Judicial Administrative Records Page

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1. Does the public records act apply to the judicial branch?
2. What is the purpose of General Rule (GR) 31.1?
3. What judicial administrative records are available to the public?
4. Why are some records not available to the public?
5. If a record is available to the public, why may portions of the record be blocked out (redacted)?
6. How long are administrative public records kept?
7. How do I request a record?
8. What is the process for responding to the request?
9. What if I disagree with a decision of the PRO?
10. Can I view public administrative records in-person?
11. How can I get paper copies of records?
12. What is the cost for obtaining or viewing administrative records?
13. What happens if I do not pay for the records I receive?
14. Does the public records officer keep track of requests administrative public records?
15. Is the court or judicial branch agency responsible for what happens when other people use information they received from an administrative public record?