What is the cost for obtaining or viewing administrative records?

GR 31.1(h)(2) allows the court or judicial branch agency to recoup its cost for copying or scanning records.  It states, “A fee may be charged for the photocopying or scanning of administrative records.  If another court rule or statute specifies the amount of the fee for a particular type of record, that rule or statute shall control.  Otherwise, the amount of the fee may not exceed the amount that is authorized in the Public Records Act, Chapter 42.56 RCW.”

Also, if extensive research is required to respond to your request, you may be informed that there will be charges for the time involved and that taxes will apply to these research charges.  GR 31.1(h)(4) states,  “A fee not to exceed $30 per hour may be charged for research services required to fulfill a request taking longer than one hour.  The fee shall be assessed from the second hour onward.”

Costs for activities such as research, photocopying, scanning, and for materials such as CDs and USB drives are determined by the agency or court where the records are stored. Sales tax will be added to the total you owe, as well as the cost for mailing materials to you.

  Viewing records at Courthouse: No Charge              Research Fee: $30.00/hour after first hour

  Copies & Scanning: $0.15 per page                              Fax (8 ½ x 11 only): $1.00 per page

   CD:  $20.00 each;   USB:  $25.00 each                         Postage: actual cost; Envelope: $1.00 each

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